Dogs in wheelcarts playing – A life lesson we can learn from them

I love dogs, I think they are amazing and we can learn a lot from them.

In our daily life we ┬ásometimes get frustrated about little things and when real obstacles come our way we get too overwhelmed to overcome them. Maybe we think too much, maybe we overanalyze situations, outcomes, etc… Maybe the answer is easier…

We can learn a lot from the dogs in this video. Many of them are in wheelcarts. That may be a disability to most but to them it is what it is… they don’t over-think it, they just look passed it… they just choose to be happy!

And that is what we should do. Sometime life is hard, even cruel at times… but what can we really do? As much as we would like things or situations to be a certain way we don’t have control over every little thing. What we do have control of is how we face those situations… and like the dogs in this video we should do the same: CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

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