The truth is I don’t get FAQ because the blog is pretty new, so you might ask yourself why I have a FAQ… well I ask myself the same thing 🙂 I guess I wanted to have a FAQ so that you can get to know the blog a little better and also get to know me (the person who is writing). I always like to know about who is behind a website that I like so this is why I am doing this.

  • Who are you?

I am just another citizen of the world who refuses to truly grow up. Got to keep some innocence and keep the imagination flowing, it’s not only more fun but it also makes life more exciting.

  • Why did you create “New World Daily News”?

I had the idea for a site like this for over a year. It came to me due to two reasons: there were many bad news in the media and there is much good content online that my family and friends like to share (funny videos, cute pictures, inspiring stories… you name it!).

I thought that it would be nice to find a place where all content is positive and thought of the idea of a newspaper with only good news (you know, the things, stories, videos, photos you find upbeat, funny and inspiring that you can’t wait to share with your family and friends).

  • How would you describe “New World Daily News”?

A newspaper/blog/website with only good news. A place where you can relax and distract yourself from your daily routine. A place where you can find content that makes you feel happy, inspire… that makes you smile.

Just a place where the goodness in the world is the protagonist, that makes us feel better.

  • Where do you find your blog’s content?

Most of the content on this site is from the web, meaning I found it online. When that is the case I will always try to post the source of the information (article, photo, video, etc) so you can check it out there as well. It is important to me to always give credit to the original author, in that case this site is a channel that supports and help spread this content (goodness is everywhere we just need to spread it!). There is just so much good content online that it is worth sharing J

In other cases the content are original articles written by me. If you like it feel to share it too.

  • Do you manage the blog all by yourself?

Yes. I am not website savvy (code, html, and that stuff) so I have to thank WordPress for letting us “mortals” create and manage websites. I am just starting so hopefully in the future I’ll make it better looking!

  • How do you moderate the comments?

Well right now (I’m just starting so there aren’t many comments) I’m reading every comment to moderate the site. In the future who knows maybe we’ll get a lot of comments and then I’ll have to ask YOU to help me out! If you find comments that are disrespectful, offensive, violent… Please contact me and let me know about this situation so that we can take care of it. This place is meant to be a safe place for everyone with good intentions to share, laugh, love and support each other and I’ll need your help to keep it that way. But hopefully we won’t have any problems.

  • Why is the site in english? 

The main reason that the site is in english is because english is the top language use  on the Internet these days. Spanish, which is my first language is far back in third place. So english was the better choice because the purpose of the site is to reach as many people as possible. And also thanks to today’s tools in web browsers we can translate sites to other languages which makes it more accessible to all.

  • What do you wish this blog will become in the future?

A platform for people to support each other, share their stories, share their love and goodness.

  • Any other thoughts?

If you like this site don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, that’s the whole meaning of it…

Also feel free to contact me at any time with comments, suggestions, contributions or just about anything… I will try to get back at you as soon as possible.

Nothing more to say just enjoy the site, don’t forget to share it and feel free to participate…

This was fun; I made all the questions to myself (hopefully in the future it won’t be just me, YOU will be here too!)… 🙂