The Coca-Cola Hug Machine

Do machines have feelings? Probably not, however if you show some love to this soda bending machine you might get a free Coca-Cola. As part of Coca-Cola’s “Open Happiness” campaign that was launched in 2009, the brand has distribute many of this machines around the world. Instead of the soda brand name on the machine it says Hug Me. This bending machine will give you a soda in exchange of a hug. So if you see one of this “Hug Me” soda machines don’t be shy and give it some love!

This video shows one of this machines that was set up in Singapur’s National University. At first the students were curious and shy about hugging the machine but later on they were all running to it for free sodas.

┬áHere are more videos of the Coke Machine of Happiness around the world (this one don’t ask for hugs but they sure spread some happiness). Enjoy!

So do you like this video? If you see one of this machines will you hug it?

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