Jennifer Lawrence reaction to Homeland spoiler

This has happen to me before… Imagine yourself watching a great tv show or movie and someone coming in an reveals to you a huge spoiler!!! How does that make you feel? You are not even angry… you are just sad or confused with emotions…

During this Saturday night SAG Awards Red Carpet, actress Jennifer Lawrence (Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle) got hit with a huge Homeland spoiler… Her reaction is priceless but I share her feeling… it was not nice to find out that way specially because she said she has only watched the first two seasons. I guess she will never forget that reporter 🙂

WARNING: If you are a Homeland fan and have not watched all the episodes so far… STOP! But is you don’t mind finding out this huge Spoiler then go ahead (because the episode has already aired).

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