Amazing Wedding Speech

In the spirits of Valentines Day, here is a very popular youtube video from Tom Fletcher. Tom is s songwriter and has a band called Mcfly. He decided to do his wedding speech in a song! The video is amazing!

Here’s my speech from our wedding 12-5-12. It’s possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!).

My twitter is @tommcfly for anyone interested. All the songs in my speech are songs by my band, we’re called Mcfly. I rewrote the lyrics for the wedding speech but if you like them then check us out at the links below.…

I got a load of ideas by watching other speeches on youtube so if there are any future grooms on here in desperate need of inspiration (like I was) then I hope this helps. I’m useless at public speaking so this was my solution!

Source: Tom Fletcher

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