Fight ALS with the Ice Bucket Challenge

As you might have seen in social media lately, there are a ton of videos of people dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads: Ice Bucket Challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge also called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge consists on dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and nominating other people to do the same (in the next 24 hours) if they don’t complete the dare they would have to donate money to the charity.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral and have many people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Martha Stewart, Cristiano Ronaldo, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer López, Mario Testino, Jessica Alba, Chris Pratt, and many more taking on the challenge and donating to the cause.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been a great way to raise awareness about ALS and to raise money to the cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge donations have reached $22.9 million to the date.

Here are some videos:

Don’t forget to help spread awarness about ALS and if you can donate to the cause. Here is the official website for the Ice Bucket Challenge: FIGHT ALS WITH THE #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE

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