Man freed from train thanks to people power

It was a regular Wednesday morning at a train station in Perth, Australia, little did anyone know it would be scenario of an incredible act of collaboration and team work

A group of passengers were boarding the train when suddenly one of the last ones boarding the train took a bad step and fell. He slipped and became stuck. One of his legs was trapped between the platform and the train.

The driver was alerted to make sure he didn’t move the train. And then the incredible happen. The train station staff got the passengers out of the train and organized them to push and tilt the train away from the platform to help rescue the man trapped.

And in an incredible act of solidarity and collaboration they got the train to tilt far enough for the trapped man to be free…

In these case, people power moved a train… who says it can’t move mountains 🙂 If people work together anything is possible!

Source and full story:

Full Video: PTA WA – Transperth passengers rescue man at Stirling Station

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